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Friday, September 17, 2010

Home Fries

Three words to describe home fries: Classic. Tasty. Potatoes.

Don't feel bad if you couldn't think up such poetic words on your own. My degree is in English.

Home fries are ridiculously easy to make unless you fall victim to one FATAL MISTAKE. But more about that later.

Here's the recipe for some good homey home fries.

4-5 medium red potatoes
seasoned salt

1. Lightly but thoroughly spray a shallow-edged pan. Preheat oven to 400 degrees Fahrenheit.
2. After washing the potatoes, slice them in half, and then sliver each half into four or five wedges. BE CAREFUL DOING THIS. Use a sharp knife and watch your fingers.
3. Spread potato wedges in one layer over the pan. Sprinkle seasoned salt lightly over the potatoes. Stir around with a spatula and sprinkle a little more over the potatoes.
4. Bake for 20 to 25 minutes. Viola! You have classic. Tasty. Potatoes.

WARNING! THIS IS THE FATAL MISTAKE! (And you thought it was cutting your fingers off, didn't you?) Seasoned salt is delightful and tasty and salty, but be careful how much you use. It is better to not have enough than to have too much. You may want to start out light at first and then adjust it next time if you like the fries a little saltier. 

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