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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Crangeberry Salad

And yes, I did just blend orange and cranberry. That's how I roll. I realize I've been gone a ridiculously long time, but let's be honest, it's not been my longest hiatus. I really am trying to be better about posting. But sometimes I get in these ruts where I don't make anything new for a week or two. Boring. Not that every meal needs to be new and exciting, but I like to mix it up at least once a week. My other excuse is better: I was gone for three weeks visiting family. Deal.

When I returned from abroad, I discovered the two bags of fresh whole cranberries in the back of my fridge. Ah, yes...what to do with them? My mum had made some awesome sugared cranberries for Christmas but I didn't have the recipe, and you know my rule about posting things on here, so I had to think up something else. Then some friends invited us over for dinner a couple of Sundays ago. "Bring a salad." Of course. That's what everyone brings when they're not making the main dish. Cranberries in a salad sounded different--and most of all it used some of those dang berries! This makes enough for two people, so be ready to pump it up when your family starts asking for it.

1 small orange, sectioned (I've used clementines and navel, I think I like the navel better)
a handful of fresh cranberries, rinsed
about three handfuls of mixed salad greens, rinsed
a handful of chopped or whole walnuts
1 T. apple cider vinegar
1 T. canola oil
1 T. honey
1/2 T. spicy mustard

1. On a bed of the greens, add cranberries, walnuts, and  orange slices.
2. In separate bowl make honey dressing by whisking together vinegar, oil, honey, and mustard. Pour on salad (you may not use it all). Toss lightly.

Note: The dressing is kind of experimental. I didn't make it the first time, we just ate it with a raspberry vinaigrette my friends had. I never keep salad dressing in the house, so I decided to give making one a shot. Honey sounded good, so I did that, but I didn't have any mustard. It tasted fine, but it needed a little more flavor, hence the added mustard. Although maybe garlic would work better. Let me know if you make it what you think!

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