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Monday, June 11, 2007

Baked Brie

This is one of my favorite things from the Jordan Pond House! It's so easy to make, too.

Phyllo dough (If you buy it frozen, make sure it's thawed enough so that it wont break too much.
     Phyllo is very delicate, so be careful with it.)
Brie (If you buy it in a wheel, cut it into triangles.)
Butter, melted
1. For every triangle, you'll need two sheets of phyllo dough. Lay them out, and place the brie near one corner of the sheets, but still have the entire piece on the dough.
2. Carefully take the corner and wrap it over the top of the dough. Wrap the rest of the dough around the brie until the entire triangle is wrapped. Brush butter over parts what will overlap, so that the top piece will stick to the bottom one.
3. Brush the top and sides with butter. Not too much or it will make the cheese greasy. Place in a small pan, put in 450 degree oven until golden brown and flakey. The inside should be gooey.

JPH serves it with crackers and grapes.


ML said...

Ooooo....yum! How about the popover recipe?

Calandria said...

that looks really good. i've made baked brie with cresent roll dough, but this looks better. i put raspberry/red pepper jelly and pecans on top of mine.

Anonymous said...

Now there's an idea!